Shuttle Cart Driver Assignments as of 01-12-2017

Information for Shuttle Cart Driver Assigned Volunteers.

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Shuttle Cart Driver Assignments as of 01-12-2017

Postby chairman » Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:44 pm

Tuesday and Wednesday (ProAm Days)
The start times for the golfer is at 705am, both days, which means the morning workers need to be at the volunteer center by the following times:
Hole 1 Driver Connie 6:15am
Hole 4 Driver Tim- 6:45 am
Hole 14 Driver Kathy- 6:45 am
Hole 17 Driver Carol- 7:15 am
Hole 18 Driver Brian- 7:15 am

The afternoon workers will be required by 12:00 pm (noon) at the volunteer center.
(Guy, Marcie, Mark, Elsie)

For the ProAm there is a possibility that we will not have a full compliment of carts. If this is the case we will assign you to Marshall on a hole and then we will improvise on the second days shuttling responsibilities. Please show up at the times above.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Tournament Days)

The start times for these days will be a short time past 9:00am depending upon the number of golfers participating. The following times are required by the drivers on the 4 holes. It is not anticipated in this case that there will be any shortage of carts.
Hole 1 Drivers Albert, Bernie & Connie: 8:00am
Hole 4 Drivers Karen, Fred & Carmen 8:30am
Hole 14 Drivers Bill, Joe,& Chuck 11:30am
Hole 17 Drivers Wesley, Tim, & Jan 12:00pm (noon)

Friday and Saturday Extras
Hole 14 Connie Time TBD
Hole 17 Mark Time TBD

Changes can occur at the last minute so please check your email the evening before your assignments.

Thanks for volunteering and lets have a good time,


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