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Volunteer Assignments as of 01-11-2022

PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2022 11:54 am
by chairman
Attached is a current list of all registered volunteers - showing current assignments as of this date.

Many volunteers have had their assignment days change due to the new PGA scheduling format. No one's schedule has been modified so that would they would lose their Golf Privilege at the resort. Those that lost assignments on the tournament days, I am now tracking as available for additional assignments should they become available.

I have spoken with all those registered who are not fully assigned. Please contact me if you feel that is the case for you and need further assignments. I am beginning to reach out to the Wait List individuals, but for now most areas are complete (except, as always, Parking!) .

If you have questions, or changes to your assignments - please contact us via this web site email -
or you may text or call me at the phone number below (texting is best, but provide name).

Larry Webb