Golf Privilege and Qualifcations

Requirements and status of volunteer golf privilege.

Golf Privilege and Qualifcations

Postby chairman » Sun Jan 05, 2014 8:04 pm

As a perk of volunteering for the tournament, the management of The Four Season’s Resort at Hualalai offers a free round of golf at the prestigious Nicklaus Course (where the tournament is played) to those volunteers who qualify.

Qualification is earned by the volunteer completing a minimum of three shifts. Only one play can be earned for volunteering and earned play has to be taken in the year it is earned. As management of the volunteers, we track completed shifts and provide the golf club house with a list of qualifying individuals. We will post this list in this forum at the completion of the tournament. This will allow all volunteers to review and confirm that their name has been provided to the course. The resort will provide us with a list of dates for volunteer play.

Since some of our volunteers are not full time Kona residents and are only on-island for a short period, it may be that these individuals cannot wait till the specified play dates. We identify these individuals as "Snowbirds" or "Early Golf" and the course does make special arrangements to provide them with their round. These individuals need to email us at and provide us with the date they are leaving the island or are no longer available to play (ex - getting on a plane at 11pm that night, but would be willing to play that day - give us the next day date). We will then provide the course with this information and will work with the resort to set up their tee times.

Most volunteers will find it easy to take advantage of this opportunity. However, remember this is a privilege offered to the volunteers and it may be possible that someone will not be able to take advantage of the available dates and/or times to fit their schedule. You can not expect to have a free round of golf at the resort at the time of your choosing. Please do not contact us expecting this type of service and availability.
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