Shuttle Cart Driver Assignments as of 01-11-2022

Information for Shuttle Cart Driver Assigned Volunteers.

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Shuttle Cart Driver Assignments as of 01-11-2022

Postby chairman » Tue Jan 11, 2022 11:57 am

Attached is the current list of assigned Shuttle Cart Drivers and their current detailed assignments.

Some Shuttle drivers have had their assignment days change due to the new PGA scheduling format. Please review and confirm your availability to attend the new shifts.

The Pro-Am portion which is on Tuesday and Wednesday consists of long days and has been split into morning and afternoon (like other years). The first golfer to tee off at 7:05 each morning, which is subject to change but only by a few minutes, so plan at being at the volunteer center by the following times, depending on the hole you are scheduled for.

Hole 1 - 6:45
Hole 4-5 - 7:15
Hole 14-15 - 7:30
Hole 17-18 - 8:30
Hole 18-1 - 8:30

The first days you are working will need a little extra time to sign the waiver and pick up your name tag, which I have allowed for in the start times.

The schedule for Thursday to Saturday will be addressed Wednesday afternoon, but the tentative expected start will be close to 10:00am. I will send out the exact time as early as possible on Wednesday, so please check your email Wednesday late afternoon or evening.

Shuttle Manager Bryan McLaughlin has been updating his team concerning volunteer times and assignments directly through email. If you have questions or need to update or change your schedule - please contact Bryan using the information provided below.

Bryan McLaughlin
Cell: 403-999-9475
Shuttle Cart Assignment Detail 01-11-2022.pdf
Bryans Detailed Shuttle Assignment List
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Assigned - Shuttle Carts 01-11-2022.pdf
Shuttle Cart Assignment List
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